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WOR, Inc. is spreading the power 

of optimism. To change the way 

young ladies and women 

approach their problems and

convert it into a more successful

and benefiting methodology by combining knowledge and

practical experiences. We believe 

that every woman has the

capacity and capability to

exceed her goals. Our missions is

to provide ample resources

through our services to those 

individuals in uplifting their lives.

Our Services Include:

-Motivational Speaking 

-Coaching & Mentoring 

-Interview Skills Training

-Fitness & Nutrition


-Personal Leadership & Development



About Our Founder


Antonia Reason "Toni" is the Founder and CEO of Women of Reason, INC. Antonia applies her diverse leadership experiences in juvenile justice, law, customer service, real estate, mentoring, and entrepreneurship to empower many young women and teens.

She is very passionate about giving women and teens choices and resources to meet their goals and heart desires. Antonia uses her education, life experiences, and extensive professional training to connect and target the underlying factors that lead many teens and women astray.  


Antonia began her career in law enforcement at the age of 22. She earned promotions through the security ranks of Corrections Sergeant, Lieutenant, Administrative Lieutenant, and Captain. While pursuing studies in Human Services, Mrs. Reason worked as a Residential manager of a girls' group home. She also has experience as a Qualified Mental Health Professional and Certified Trainer. She joined the State of Maryland in 2013 as the Assistant Superintendent in Baltimore and was appointed to Superintendent in 2015.  In 2023, Antonia was appointed to Deputy Secretary. 

Antonia currently serves on the Disproportionate Minority Contact Council Board and has been certified by The Virginia Commonwealth University for Executive Leadership. Her list of achievements is to be commended. She recently scored 100% compliance in her safety and security audit and is an active Howard County Public Schools volunteer member.  

Antonia graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Criminal Justice and is Certified by Harvard Business School as an Executive. She is a leading expert, author, and motivational speaker. She specializes in youth motivation, women empowerment, and leadership development.  

Antonia has appeared on VH1 & Bravo television and featured in Black Enterprise magazine. 


Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Antonia takes no shorts when it comes to her beliefs, family and career. 


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