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Working in the correctional field can be difficult, especially for women. However, it can also be rewarding and a great place to achieve growth and make a lasting impact. Antonia L. Reason uses the knowledge gained on her own journey to become Superintendent of a Juvenile Detention Center to guide driven women like herself in the field.


A Reason to Win: A Woman’s Guide for Success in the Correctional Field is filled with advice from a woman who’s lived through it and achieved success. Antonia L. Reason uses her experience and personal anecdotes to offer guidance for women aspiring to succeed in this field. This guide has a wide range of advice including tips on networking, warnings about complacency, advice on working with the opposite gender, and supervising the female population. Worksheets also make this guide for success interactive and personal.


Finding success in the correctional field can seem daunting, but Antonia L. Reason’s advice will inspire hope and motivate you to actualize your own success and cultivate positive relationships with co-workers and offenders.


Achieve growth in the correctional field with this interactive guide and advice from a woman who’s succeeded!

A Reason to Win E-Book

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