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Relish your taste buds with some great recipes that come from generations of expert cooks.


Dining with The Reason’s cookbook is a comprehensive guide of scrumptious and healthful recipes illustrated by a great home-cook who has been inspired by her family. Having her origins from North Carolina, Antonia’s grandmother served the Catholic Church as a great cook during the mid-1900's and won everyone’s hearts through her southern hospitality and soul food. Her mother followed suit and mastered grandmother’s cooking skills. Antonia’s inspiration roots from her childhood when she used to spend time with her grandmother in the kitchen. As she grew up, Antonia developed a special instinct for cooking, and her father being  Puerto Rican encouraged her to master Spanish food skills. Her delicious cooking skills inherited from her lineages and her new learnings made her a valuable professional cook, who is eager to benefit others.


Having a great taste for food, she knows the art of coalescing fresh and nutritious ingredients into a delightful recipe.


Dining with The Reason’s cookbook includes several of Antonia’s favorite recipes which are a blend of Caribbean, soul food and a couple of Vegan dishes. This is more than a cookbook as it not only includes some splendid recipes but also treasured cooking tips that will aptly nurture your culinary skills.


If you are looking to enjoy delectable restaurant-style food then Dining with The Reason’s is the best pick for you.

Dining with The Reason's E-Book

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